Content is the key for progression, not the tech

26/2/19 — Late night thought on how communication is key for culture progression, and in turn, the content.

A late night thought pops up as I’m reading stuff about coding and web technologies. It triggers me to think about what I am doing, learning is all about the web. Something that became popular only around mid-90s and early-00s.

The Internet is the source that now powers all these growth and web companies. Many modern advancements appear within the last 2 decades — online shopping (Amazon and eBay, classic), online payment, remote working, many more.

Then we have the 2007 inception of iPhones. Smartphones make websites more accessible to people. Internet became ubiquitous with our mobile devices everywhere and faster network, cloud etc. Suddenly you get the information around the globe at your fingertips.

All new information starts to flow in even more rapidly, even for work. Productivity enhanced with people communicating faster, better, more frequently. At work, many people can even power their business all from their pocket 24/7, me excluded.

The core development of all tech promotes how people invent, deliver, receive and retrieve information.

With all these great tools, good things spread faster and so are the bad ones.

​Culture is built from communicating the right information.

I’m always intrigued by the motive of running (or back then work for) businesses that save time for people. What we do at Maven Access should go beyond merely saving time for workers. We shall also aim at finding ways to enhance their work quality and efficiency. Done is better than perfect, but done in the wrong direction is worse than doing nothing.

At the end of the day, we are in the field of content marketing. Content regardless of any form, visual, audio, textual is the essence of communications. It is what matters for real communications. Reading junk from a content farm means nothing. That wastes your time for the very least let alone twisting facts.

Nerd alert: As an engineering grad, I love the concept of vector quantities, which consists of both magnitude (how fast you go) and direction (where do you go). Going fast in the wrong direction is awful.

Information is about getting right, quality content.

Anybody, not just working professionals, that would produce new content that might impact or affect others shall take note for:

  1. Better ways to deliver the content and;
  2. Better content quality

Good content is a determining factor. It is the bullet, what matters. All channels — social media, mobile, TV, podcast or influencer are the hardware, the guns. Whether or not if you shoot a lead bullet or bubbles from the pistol is your choice.

Based on what I thought we should take note on, that leaves me with 2 questions

One — What would be the next wave that fundamentally spreads right, authentic content faster, better? With the impact that as far as printing does in the 15th century or as near as mobile internet does in the last decade. Something beyond fancy front-facing applications but hardcore tech.

Two — How shall one select and detach from the overwhelming amount of information? Or better yet, detach from the internet at all from time to time.

TL;DR: I believe that technology helps us to connect with each other and the world’s information better. But to be sure you/your company is gatekeeping the quality and authenticity of it.

Please share your thoughts to help debug my 2 questions, comment here or tweet @edwin_psty

Happy writing!

Founder, Maven Access

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