Freelancing is not a career change, it's a lifestyle.

40% of the global workforce will be a freelancer or contractor by 2020 by choice.

We are living in the age where you can turn your writing passion and skills into profit, anytime, anywhere in the world.

what happened to our freelancers

of our client projects are on-going basis (vs one-off task)
of them got their paycheck when project is done
project requests received on average every 6-week

we are Changing.

We decided to take down the original marketplace and move on with our new product – Maven CORE. That doesn’t mean we do not believe in the marketplace idea. But rather, we have found a better way to execute it and bring a bigger impact to help our clients and freelancers.

For current users, your account will be migrated into Maven CORE, you may reach out to your Account Manager / Talent Advisor respectively. Or you may email us anytime at