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The content collaboration platform, built for marketers, by marketers

Some number that you, marketers should know


of our time can be spent on work, other half goes wasted in emails and collaboration


employees hate the constant messages and pings. At least 45-60 minutes are wasted on ineffective communications daily.


of bloggers nneed more than 2 hours to finish a 500-word blog post

Much time is invested

part of what you will get

1. Invite and Collaborate with the right people for each campaign

We often work with more than just our team - agencies, freelancers, vendors and more.  

Your project content is only visible to collaborators that are involved with it. Inviting other are just one click away.  

If you need more, you can always source freelance content experts on our network.

Maven CORE - Inviting collaborator

2. Skip the download. Create on the spot.

Maven CORE - Real time editing workspace

We all love collaboration. But waiting for one's draft to arrive for review and approval is taking forever.  

You got all the tools you need to create awesome content for a blog, infographics, ad copies and more!

3. Review all version at once. Say bye to searching in emails.

In marketing and PR, we often see file names going from Version 0 to V17..V20, Final V9....  

Without the hassle to search and download. You can check all content history without switching a tab.

Maven CORE - Review content history

4. High-level control Dedicated dashboard for each company and project

Maven CORE - Project dashboard

Dashboard of the company allows your team to review the progress anytime.  

Project summary helps you to motivate your team members. Understanding everyone's availability helps better task assignments too.

Other exciting features

Maven CORE - other features
  • Milestone & Task assignments
  • Word & Character count real time counter
  • Role assignment within projects
  • Task approval assistance
  • Project manager view
  • Audience persona mapping (coming soon)
  • Smart brief document building (coming soon)
  • Pre-publishing A/B testing (coming soon)
  • Content engagement prediction (coming soon)
  • Auto-generator press release (coming soon)

How big or how small. There's always a way for you.

Solopreneur / Freelancer


USD 15 per month

Best for Solopreneurs or Freelancers to manage their clients.

  • Up to 5 Collaborators
  • (USD 5 / month for 5 extra seats) 
  • Customer support within 24-hour 
Maven Core - Pilot Plan

Pilot (2-10 pax) 

USD 19 per user per month

Perfect for Startups and SME to manage in-house team and freelancers

  • Up to 10 internal members
  • Up to 20 external collaborators
  • Free on-boarding content strategy consultation and goal setting
  • Customer support within 24-hour 
Maven Core - Growth Plan

Growth (11-30 pax) 

USD 299/month

USD 7/month for every additional user

You're scaling up. You to work with multiple vendor teams.

  • 15 seats included
  • Up to 30 internal members
  • Up to 50 external collaborators
  • Monthly consultation on content strategy
  • Premium customer service support
Maven Core Enterprise

Enterprise (30+ marketers) 

Let's Talk

Big teams that work with multilpe agenices, freelancers, vendors across regions

  • Flexible number of internal members
  • Flexible number of external collaborators
  • Third party integration (CMS, Marketing automation)
  • Bi-weekly consultation on content strategy
  • NLP-based content profile analysis
  • Dedicated Account Manager 

Reduce ineffective communications Focus on what matters

At Maven Access, we strive to facilitate the future of work and save time for the workforce. We uphold our mission of simplifying content creation for marketers. 

After working with clients from agencies, to brands and startups, we learn that working with 3rd parties while managing all communications is not easy. But we want to save ourselves as well as you.  

And we are excited to announce our latest tool - Maven Core.

Maven CORE - Collaboration at work

Make decisions in days, not weeks.