About Maven Access


Maven Access is a platform born to ease the pain of inefficiency at work. We want to save everyone’s time at work so they get more freedom on other things.

The premise is that we connect businesses to right talents they need to achieve great work on demand at an affordable cost. We want to be the facilitator to make sure the process can be as smooth as possible.


Maven (n.) One who is experienced or knowledgeable.


Our Values

Time-Work Efficiency

We believe that Freelance economy is the future of work. Everyone should focus on what they are good at. When you have the demand, find a domain expert to help you.

On-Demand Control

No full-time commitment. We care about speed and delivery. With the right technology, everyone can better share their skills and their time. Reclaim your time back for your best work and meaningful projects.

Options & Flexibility

Freedom is about having choices. Options for pricing, for talents, for projects. When you can access talents of the world, why limit yourself with a team of 15 people only?

Our story

We came from PR & marketing functions at different startups & SMBs. Many small businesses and ourselves had to use freelancers. We experienced the hard time of finding quality content specialists firsthand. For most options available in the market –  Quantity did not translate into quality.
After served as freelancers ourselves, we felt the struggle – not getting paid on time, unclear client communications and more.
What’s even worse for employers is to manage different freelancers at the same time. Keeping track with all their progress and availability ain’t fun. That defeats the purpose of outsourcing – to save time.
We aspire to make a big influence in the world with a small impact each time. Inspired by the author, Malcolm Gladwell on how small things can make a big difference. We embrace the concept of the connector, maven, and salesperson.
We see – good products – can be the best salesperson to attract everyone to use it. Top-notch technology, as the best connector we’ve ever had. And here at Maven Access, let you work with Mavens – experts in your field.

How we work

We fully embrace and believe in freelance economy and remote economy. We believe the local talents that are closer to the audience can always bring the most impact and tell the best stories.

As we aim at helping companies from all over the world to tell better stories and create content for Asia, we work very closely with freelance local talents.

Over 92% of freelancers signing up on our platform are based in Asia and have worked extensively in the industry. For our consulting work, we do the strategy and planning work mostly in-house for our clients, and leaving the execution work to the hands of the experts.

APAC map

“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”

— Seth Godin