Use the right words and stories to push forward your innovations and services

Right words matter.

Content Marketing and Copywriting
for Science, Technology and B2B

No more forceful advertisements. We help brands to channel their value to their audience

Wait... what exactly?

Content Marketing

Make people want to connect to you. Be findable and stick in their mind.


Using written words to help them make the final call. Sell your products and services

Marketing is like dating. Heres' how

Content Marketing is keeping yourself well groom and knowledgeable. Make a good impression.

They want to hear you speak.

Copywriting is letting your date knows you two are a good fit. Be intellectual, persuasive, and hey, be fun too.

Make them ask for a second date.

Paid advertising is more like picking up a stranger on a street for a date.... well if you're Chris Evans, that's okay. Make sure you know your products.

Maven Acess_ B2B SaaS

B2B & SaaS

Anything from e-commerce stores to Real Estate software.
Maven Access_AI Technology Engineering_1

Tech & Engineering

From Cybersecurity to AI in Natural Language Process and e-payment gatement.
Maven Access_Science and medical

Science & Health

From Quantum Computing, to Biomedical discovery, down to healthcare applications.

What exactly do we work on?

Decks creation & editing

Whether it's pitching for new fund or your BD sales deck, we take care of them.

Blog posts creation

You search stuff online right? Here's where you can shine can connected with your audience.

Content strategy

Without right direction, even Don Draper can't save your brand.

Email marketing

You worked hard to get them emails to stay connected. Don't butcher the golden link.

Website copies

The first thing your client would do is google your name and check your site. Enough said.

Script creation & editing

Delivering precise and concise speech is important. Be it your keynote or youtube vlog.

Who should use Maven Access / Maven Core

Maven Access - Small business and startups

SMBs & Agencies with ad-hoc content project need

Thoughts in your mind:

  • Don’t know how the project should look like.

  • Not sure what is your “brand message” or tone.

  • Not sure how to budget.

Go for: Access Link

Tailored project consultation & content freelancer

Maven Access - Agency and Enterprise Corporates

Marketers who often create contents with both internal and external team

Thoughts in your mind:

  • Tired of switching between all applications for writing, storing documents and reviewing history

  • Working with other internal teammates or external vendors, agencies, freelancers.

Go for: Maven Core

A one-stop content collaboration platform

Maven Access - freelancer and slash workers

Freelancers / Slash Workers

Thoughts in your mind:

  • You’re skilled at your craft, time to choose projects you like.

  • Want extra income & experience apart from the day job.

  • Enjoy new exposure and learning.

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“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”

— Seth Godin