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Check out our latest Content Collaboration Tool - Maven Core

  • Collaborate with different people for each project. In-house & 3rd party
  • Edit content on the spot. No more downloading files from drive.
  • Review all versions on same tab. No more searching for V16...V20 in the email

we are Changing.

We decided to take down the original marketplace and move on with our new product – Maven CORE. That doesn’t mean we do not believe in the marketplace idea. But rather, we have found a better way to execute it and bring a bigger impact to help our clients and freelancers.

For current users, your account will be migrated into Maven CORE, you may reach out to your Account Manager / Talent Advisor respectively. Or you may email us anytime at

Who should use Maven Access / Maven Core

Maven Access - Small business and startups

SMBs & Agencies with ad-hoc content project need

Thoughts in your mind:

  • Don’t know how the project should look like.

  • Not sure what is your “brand message” or tone.

  • Not sure how to budget.

Go for: Access Link

Tailored project consultation & content freelancer

Maven Access - Agency and Enterprise Corporates

Marketers who often create contents with both internal and external team

Thoughts in your mind:

  • Tired of switching between all applications for writing, storing documents and reviewing history

  • Working with other internal teammates or external vendors, agencies, freelancers.

Go for: Maven Core

A one-stop content collaboration platform

Maven Access - freelancer and slash workers

Freelancers / Slash Workers

Thoughts in your mind:

  • You’re skilled at your craft, time to choose projects you like.

  • Want extra income & experience apart from the day job.

  • Enjoy new exposure and learning.

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“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”

— Seth Godin