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Who should use Maven Access

SMBs & Agencies with ad-hoc project need

Thoughts in your mind:

  • Don’t know how the project should look like.

  • Not sure what is your “brand message” or tone.

  • Not sure how to budget.

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One-off tailored project

SMBs & Agencies with often content need

Thoughts in your mind:

  • Not enough work or budget to hire a full-time team.

  • Want to access a wider talent pool.

  • Need different specialties for each task. (Translations, Persona research, Local penetration.)

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On-demand freelancer marketplace

Freelancers / Slash Workers

Thoughts in your mind:

  • You’re skilled at your craft, time to choose projects you like.

  • Want extra income & experience apart from the day job.

  • Enjoy new exposure and learning.

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“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”

— Seth Godin