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we are Changing.

We decided to take down the original marketplace and move on with our new product – Maven CORE. That doesn’t mean we do not believe in the marketplace idea. But rather, we have found a better way to execute it and bring a bigger impact to help our clients and freelancers.

For current users, your account will be migrated into Maven CORE, you may reach out to your Account Manager / Talent Advisor respectively. Or you may email us anytime at

Who should use Maven Access / Maven Core

Maven Access - Small business and startups

SMBs & Agencies with ad-hoc content project need

Thoughts in your mind:

  • Don’t know how the project should look like.

  • Not sure what is your “brand message” or tone.

  • Not sure how to budget.

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Tailored project consultation & content freelancer

Maven Access - Agency and Enterprise Corporates

Marketers who often create contents with both internal and external team

Thoughts in your mind:

  • Tired of switching between all applications for writing, storing documents and reviewing history

  • Working with other internal teammates or external vendors, agencies, freelancers.

Go for: Maven Core

A one-stop content collaboration platform

Maven Access - freelancer and slash workers

Freelancers / Slash Workers

Thoughts in your mind:

  • You’re skilled at your craft, time to choose projects you like.

  • Want extra income & experience apart from the day job.

  • Enjoy new exposure and learning.

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“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”

— Seth Godin